Who’s going your way?

Bandwagon makes it easy to share rides in taxis and car services — matching passengers in cities, at events, and airport taxi lines — and providing shared taxi hailing in cities throughout the world.

Use Bandwagon to quickly let people know where you’re headed and to find out who’s going your way.

Don’t wait an eternity for a cab

Bandwagon's High Occupancy Passenger 'Hop' System enables passengers that are waiting in taxi queues to identify the best passengers to share rides with, based on their destinations. By efficiently consolidating rides, Bandwagon enables you to move more passengers with fewer vehicles, so passengers spend less time waiting in line.

Half as expensive as other taxi apps

By creating a Bandwagon Hub, you make it easy for your customers to book individual seats in existing taxis and Bandwagon sedans to and from your location. Why ask passengers to pay a premium for transportation when Bandwagon makes it easy for them to save money by splitting the fare in half?

Reduce your carbon footprint

Bandwagon is a practical, social transit alternative for your customers and employees who can't use traditional transit. By reducing the total vehicle miles travelled, Bandwagon can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, and congestion associated with single occupancy vehicle transportation to and from your location.

Meet new people in your scene

Running a networking event? Bandwagon provides novel, memorable networking opportunities for your attendees — literally extending the reach of your event.


Bandwagon’s mobile app allows passengers to find others with similar itineraries and share rides. Prior to booking an expensive car service to the airport, passengers can plan out their trip and save 50 to 80% off the original taxi fare.

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Hop Lanes

Our Hop Lanes help customers waiting curbside at taxi stands “hop” the line by identifying other passengers with similar destinations. Through the app, kiosk, and an optional team member, users can leverage our Ridebatch server to find matches and gain priority access to departing taxis. This results in saved time, money, and emissions.

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Bandwagon’s award-winning ride consolidation software can drastically reduce your company’s current spending on car services and environmental footprint. Our software and mobile app can be white labeled and customized to allow your employees to manage exactly how much money, time, and carbon they are saving through Bandwagon’s Enterprise Platform.

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Events & Conferences

Bandwagon can help your conference reduce transportation costs, generate additional sponsorship value, and provide novel networking opportunities for your attendees.

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Airports & Transit Hubs

Bandwagon reduces wait times at airport taxi stands. Our Hop Lane works with existing licensed taxi providers to ensure that airports have a supply of vehicles to match passenger demand.

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Companies & Organizations

Bandwagon can significantly reduce the ground transportation budget and carbon footprint of your organization. Bandwagon’s proprietary Ridebatch Server identifies complementary routes without sacrificing convenience for individual passengers.

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The Bandwagon Team

One person per taxi might offer some nice privacy, but it's ridiculously inefficient. This startup wants to change that—and get you cheaper cabs.

Sydney Brownstone, Fast Company

“Excellent disruptive solution courtesy of @HiBandwagon last week during #CES. I was teleported instantly to the front of a VERY long line.”

Brian Kolb (@BrianKolb)

"A great concept and a fun way to meet people. Simple to use."

Samantha Hawthorne

“Amazing!! I travel to a lot of trade shows and events. Most of the time solo. Impressed on the speed and accuracy of the app.”

Dwayne Taylor